THE SOLUTION TO YOUR FLOORING PROBLEMS; including trimming profiles for every type of floor and wall.

We specialize in every type of trimming, bordering and cornering profile that you need for floors and walls, providing the right profiles for your flooring problems.

We provide the perfect solution for every little detail. Our quality, design and functionality always provide a seamless transition wherever two different types of flooring meet.

We offer a wide range of products, such as edging profiles which provide the perfect finish and protection. We also offer decorative profiles such as listello for border enhancement, anti-slip stair profiles to improve safety, as well as self illuminating stairs and exits for safety in the dark, transition profiles to cover up imperfect transitions, expansion joint profiles to protect thermal cracking and special formable profiles that bend for curved edges.

A complete range of trimming and edging profiles for all types of flooring, parquet, laminate, tiles, carpets or vinyl is available right here at Alusite.