Project Reference : KFC Shop, Mega Bangna Branch, Samutprakarn


Project Specification

Product Specified : LA250
Color Specified :
Stainless Hair Line

Project Description

With designs that are outstanding over the original design. The KFC store's designer chooses the Alusite Listello in the decorative the wall for a more elegant look.

Strength of aluminum can be used instead of stainless at a cheaper price. Stainless hair line color was chosen as an alternative to give the feel of using stainless. It's gorgeous and able to replace each other seamlessly.


  1. Hight Strength Aluminium Alloy European Standard EN 755 1994/1997 : Aluminium and aluminium alloys extruded rod/bar, tube and profiles
    Alloy : 6063
    Temper : T5