Project Reference : Power Buy, Central Retail Corporation


Project Specification

Product Specified : WRE-42-6-SB
Color Specified :
Dark Wood 61

Project Description

Power Buy is the electronics department of Central Group which normally use the MDF edged with all the area of laminate flooring. The Electronics department usually uses a trolley all the times and because of the weight of the product are quite heavy. The MDF is not strong enough to support the weight, so it's easily broken and become a trouble. It's look terrible just because of a small point on the floor.

Once they see "Alusite" products, they assure that our product will solve this problem and their shop will look better. They redesign the floor details and specify our product into the new design. All new branches and renovates have to change to this profile.


  1. Hight Strength Aluminium Alloy European Standard EN 755 1994/1997 : Aluminium and aluminium alloys extruded rod/bar, tube and profiles
    Alloy : 6063
    Temper :
  2. Hard Wearing Abrasion Resistance ; International Standard ISO 9352:1995 Plastics – Determination of resistance to wear
  3. Water Proof is the one of characteristics with process of heat applied photographic PVC film onto aluminium profile