While aluminium skirting isn’t the sexiest aspect of construction or remodeling, it doesn’t mean it isn’t essential. Aluminium skirting has all of the benefits of aluminum, such as its durability, functionality, corrosion resistance, water resistance, recyclability, and overall lightweight. It’s no wonder that this material has become one of the most important engineering components in the twenty-first century. Aluminium is everywhere, whether we recognize it or not: in the cars we drive, the planes we fly, the computers and phones we use, and the homes we live in.


Because aluminum is around one-third the weight of steel, the parts are thicker and stronger while yet being lighter. Depending on the alloy and manufacturing techniques utilized, aluminium can be forged to be just as strong as – if not stronger than – some steel shapes. A baseboard, also known as a skirting board, is a wooden or vinyl board that runs down the bottom of an interior wall. Its function is to provide additional structural protection while protecting the connection between the wall surface and the floor. As a result, it should be no surprise that aluminium skirting is becoming more popular than other traditional building materials – but why is that?


  • Unrivaled Durability — Aluminium baseboard profiles are created from some of the world’s strongest metals. They’re flame retardant, water-resistant, anti-collision, moth-proof, acid, and alkali resistant. They’re also devoid of toluene, making them a more environmentally friendly and safe material to use in a home or business.
  • Added Protection — Compared to typical wood skirting, aluminium skirting is meant to be tougher and endure longer while also being more secure and termite-proof. Aluminium skirting, which is riveted and put in place, also serves as a robust and sturdy frame for plasterboard. This helps to eliminate any cracks or surface splitting due to frame movement.
  • Lower Labour Costs — If you want to give your home, office, or commercial space a clean finish or a seamless look, you’ll have to pay more in construction and labor. The time it takes to work with a skirting board is substantially faster for the tradies tasked with its installation, which can go a long way toward putting more money back in your pocket. 


A hard barrier between walls and furnishings, such as an aluminium baseboard, prevents knocks, such as while vacuuming or running around with youngsters. It protects walls from various hazards, including kicks, furniture, and the door that slams against the wall, so it’s no surprise that aluminium skirting is the toughest of the bunch – but where can you purchase it?


When installing aluminium skirting with laminate and wooden flooring need to expand the gap between the wall and laminate flooring in case of change in heat and humidity levels. Our aluminium skirting will cover the gap between the wall and the floor which makes your house look elegant.


If you’re not sure which building and construction materials are best for you, it’s always a good idea to consult an expert before deciding. After all, constructing a home, renovating a home, or constructing a commercial building is a significant undertaking. If you want to prevent costly maintenance down the road, make sure you get it correctly the first time – contact Alusite for information on aluminium skirting or any other aluminium-related matters.