Quality and Standard


As a company committed to quality, our products are sent for laboratory testing to ensure that they meet relevant standards and requirements. Our commitment to green, sustainable development means that all aluminum and waste in our factory is reduced, reused or recycled.

Aluminium Standard

  • European Norm EN573-3
  • Chemical Composition European Norm EN755-2
  • Mechanical Properties US ASTM B221:
  • Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy British Standard BS 1474
  • Aluminium Alloy and composition Australian Standard AS/NZ1866
  • Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy

Toxicity and heavy metal

  • US EPA 3052 & 6010B:(US Environment Protection Agency)

Wear Resistance

  • Taper Abrasion Test: 2500 cycles for lamination.

Corrosion Test

  • US Standard: ASTM B117-03: 240 hours salt spray test (for anodized profiles)

Silicon Carbide Slip Resistance

  • Australia Standard AS/NZ 4586 Anti slip resistance test: Wet pendulum Test: Class V (Highest Slip resistance) Oil Wet Ram Test: R13 ( Highest Slip resistance)

In house quality test

  • Freeze-Thaw cycle
  • UV exposure
  • Shrinkage test
  • Corrosion under extreme alkaline or acid condition.