Stainless Steel Listello

with V-Cut


Alusite’s Stainless Steel tile trims are the strongest profiles on the market for commercial, industrial and domestic installations. They are particularly suited to commercial and industrial markets due to the chemical resistance properties of Stainless Steel.
Stainless Steel Trim being especially good in areas where a high degree of hygiene is required, e.g. Wet area, sea side, swimming pool. Stainless Steel trims are more expensive than the Aluminium profiles with one or two finishes available depending on profile choice. They are a popular trim in high end kitchens and bathroom installations


1) Divider wall Tile to Wood

2) Divider wall Tile to Tile



1) Finishing the wall decorative or wall divider strip

2) Produced from high quality Stainless Steel grade AISI304 according to German Norm DIN1.4301

3) The packaging comes with the protective foil to protect the aluminium tile trim from scratch during installation



Mirror Finish BA


Hair Line Finish


Bright Gold Finish


Rose gold Finish


size (mm)
Product 1000 2000 2500 2700 3000



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