Type of Aluminum tile trim in Alusite

There are many varieties of aluminum tile trim in Alusite. Aluminum tile edge trims have eight types that can be used for installation and each type can be used in different places and functions. The first step is to choose the right aluminum edge trim for tile for your house that matches your place.

Round Trim

Alusite designed aluminum tile trim round edge to protect the edge of expensive materials such as ceramic and marble. Enhancement with a quadrant with a wide range of round trims to suit every height and every design. It is the simple solution for ceramic edge finishing as well as edge protection and transition on floors and walls.

Straight Trim

Aluminum straight edge tile trim comes with L series which is the simplest solution for ceramic edge finishing. Straight trim can be used on the floor as well as on the wall for edge protection and transition.

Movement Join

Movement Join was developed with Alusite in-house technology to help protect the floor from cracking by thermal expansion. Alusite provides 2 series in movement join which are EJ series and PU series. EJ series is used for an easy replacement with advanced co-extruded infill, optimizing toughness and durability. PU series is used for a narrower width and more seamless integration to the floor.

Internal Trim

Aluminium internal corner trim is most commonly used on the kitchen bench for easy cleaning and to avoid dirt/bacteria collecting at a dead corner. Internal trim comes with heat resistant alloy which is the perfect choice around the stove kitchen benches and silicon sealing acts as a water barrier on benches around the kitchen sink.

Ramp Trim

Ramp trim designed to solve the problem of height difference on tile/marble flooring. It provides a safe joint where wheeled traffic is expected and ensures that trolleys can move freely between different types and heights of floor covering, reducing the risk of trolleys tipping over. Ramp trim provides a smooth and durable transition edge protecting the floor. Normally used for ceramic tiles, it can also be adopted for wood, laminated and concrete flooring.

Square Trim

Aluminium square edge tile trim is offering a more contemporary and modern design also comes up with multiple applications and is commonly used for wall corner protection. Square Trim can be installed as a horizontal wall border and listello by adding style to the wall and protecting enhance ceramic tilling.

Dividers Trim

Dividers Trim can be used as a transition, dividers, edge protection for wood, laminate, concrete, or terrazzo flooring.

Balcony Trim

Balcony Trim is designed to solve the problem of water and dirt stains. The small overhanging allows overrun water to drip without surface contact.