Industrial Uses of Aluminium Trim

Tiler hands working on a new house entrance by installing aluminium trim


Aluminum tile trim possesses numerous functionalities and its versatility has made it the go-to addition for a wide range of products, projects, and applications. Here are some popular industrial uses of aluminium trim:


  • Kick Plates


Aluminum kick plates are used in commercial buildings to help maintain the appearance of the interior of a building. Located at the bottom of a door, aluminum kick plates prevent ordinary damage from constant foot traffic. A durable, and resilient kick plate with aluminum trim edging provides protection and helps to maintain the look, appeal, and sharpness by withstanding and absorbing potential abuse and damage.


  • Aluminium wall corner protection


Aluminium wall corner protection is commonly found in kitchens, offices, workbenches, and places that have continual use or need a finishing touch to improve an application‘s appearance. A strategically placed corner guard can protect bench corners, wall corners, and table corners from wear and abuse. Aluminium wall corner protection with aluminum trim edging is placed on drywall, wood, brick, painted surfaces, and wallpaper to keep the wallpaper from fraying and peeling.


  • Countertops


Countertop trims are the final finishing touch to a project; it enhances the appearance of the countertop and protects its users from being injured by the edges of a countertop. The installation of aluminium tile trim defines the edges of the countertop as well as provides an exceptionally smooth pleasing finish. If a stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator is installed next to a countertop, aluminium trim keeps food from falling between the appliance and the cabinet. 


  • Displays


Display manufacturers depend on aluminium trim for the creation and design of their displays. Some of the important features necessary for display boards and materials are flexibility, durability, versatility, and the capability of the application to any type of project. Portable display booths may be stored for long periods but are immediately ready when needed. The countless properties of aluminum make it an ideal material for the manufacture of portable displays. 


Aluminium trim functions as the final part of a project that provides a finishing touch, a tasteful decoration, a protective surface, and an eye-catching highlight. Alusite has extensive experience in dealing with aluminium trim – both for industrial and residential projects – feel free to contact us for more information on all aluminium-related matters.